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Who We Are


The Still Standing Alliance a nonprofit organization focused on domestic violence advocacy, awareness, and prevention strategies. 

Advocacy: The SSA collaborates with other local and national organizations to promote legislation and policies that serve and protect victims and survivors of domestic violence. We aim to influence decisions within the political arena that affect our domestic violence initiatives. The goal is to ensure that the laws and legislation protect victims, victim rights and other legislation related to violence against women.

Awareness: We aim to increase understanding of the impact of domestic violence in the community through our community engagement initiatives, partnerships and awareness campaigns.

Prevention: We provide programs, resources, and educational tools that drive change. Teen dating violence workshops and curriculum, domestic violence training for churches, corporations, and community organizations. 


Our mission is to bring awareness, advocate, and prevent domestic violence by intervening with educational and therapeutic resources. Through various trainings, workshops, and seminars, we inspire and teach advocates, victims, survivors, and community partners how to identify domestic violence, facilitate change, and restore healing. 


Our vision is to create a society where violence against women is not tolerated. A society in which individuals, communities, institutions, and policymakers are all working together to increase awareness, eradicate domestic violence and foster an environment in which all survivors have access to resources needed to thrive after abuse.

Board of Directors

Tamiko Lowry Pugh

Tamiko Lowry Pugh

Founder/Executive Director

Chere Turner

Chere' Turner


Isis Kenney

Isis Kenney






Luther McKinstry III


Survivor Empowerment Program


Empowering Victims to Become Survivors

Many Domestic Violence survivors face obstacles that hold them back from enjoying a normal life, such as lack of leadership skills, financial stability, and self confidence. The SSA Survivor Empowerment Program is designed to address these issues through group activities, individual coaching and peer mentoring. 

This is a personal and professional development program, which empowers  survivors of domestic violence as they partake in workshops devoted to promoting a positive self-image, individual development, life skills training, and enrichment courses.

For additional information, email president@thestillstandingalliance.org

A Message From Our Founder/Executive Director

As I reminisce over the past 7 years since I founded the Still Standing Alliance, I am overwhelmed at the accomplishments that have manifested. What began as a desire to help other women, like myself, who struggled with rebuilding their lives after abuse, evolved into an incredible network of domestic violence survivors, advocates, and supporters. They have all joined forces with The Still Standing Alliance crusading to save lives, empower, and work towards ending the cycle of abuse. My mission was to ensure that victims and survivors understand that they are never alone. 

On a grand scale of things, there is a global community effort dedicated to sharing our victories, advocating for us, and working together to end this epidemic. The vision of the Still Standing Alliance will always be to continue to make a difference in the lives of Domestic Violence victims, and with your on-going support, the improvements will continuously flow.

I want to thank our supporters for making our mission and vision possible. Your commitment to helping victims of Domestic Violence through donations and volunteering, in yours, and other communities, is sincerely appreciated. 

Each year, The Still Standing Alliance continues to bring awareness, advocate and work towards preventing Domestic Violence in our community through our empowerment programs, workshops, and trainings. Because of these efforts, we have seen many lives changed for the better. Together, we can fulfill our mission and vision for Domestic Violence victims, survivors, and their families across the world.

With Love and Gratitude,

Tamiko Lowry Pugh, President SSA