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Still Standing & Stepping Out, The Purple Affair

The Purple Affair – a benefit event that celebrates survivors of Domestic Violence and honors

On October 6th, a diverse and philanthropic group of Atlanta professionals, advocates, elected officials and social gathererswill assemble to pledge their generosity and ongoing support to a worthy cause at the 2018 Still Standing & Steppin Out, The Purple Affair – a benefit event that celebrates survivors of Domestic Violence and honors the community leaders and advocates who serve them.

Riding the waves of previous years vastly successful and generously sponsored Purple Affair, this year’s event is expected to be yet another night to remember. The 2018 edition will treat guests to light fare, live entertainment, special guest appearances, awards presentations and an exciting fashion show in which survivors of abuse will showcase various style trends on the runway.

Proceeds will benefit The Still Standing Alliances Domestic Violence Programs

RSVP: www.PurpleAffair2018.Eventbrite.com

For Sponsorship Opportunities Visit http://bit.do/Sponsorship2018

Tools And Tips To Build Financial Freedom After Abuse

 Survivor Empowerment Program, we bring you Tools And Tips To Build Financial Freedom After Abuse.

Victims of domestic violence may be unable to leave an abusive partner or may be forced to return to an abusive partner for economic reasons. Victims of coerced debt may face massive barriers to economic self-sufficiency, including struggling to find a job or even obtaining a place to live after leaving an abusive relationship due to debt and its detrimental effects on their personal credit scores.

With statistics like these, it's important that we educate and empower victims and survivors with the necessary tools to rebuild their lives financially after abuse. 

As a part of our Survivor Empowerment Program, we bring you Tools And Tips To Build Financial Freedom After Abuse. A Financial Empowerment Seminar for victims, survivors, and community advocates.

This event is FREE but you must register at www.FinancialToolsAndTips.Eventbrite.com

A Message From Our Founder

As I reminisce over the past 7 years since I founded the Still Standing Alliance, I am overwhelmed at the accomplishments that have manifested. What began as a desire to help other women, like myself, who struggled with rebuilding their lives after abuse, evolved into an incredible network of domestic violence survivors, advocates, and supporters. They have all joined forces with The Still Standing Alliance crusading to save lives, empower, and work towards ending the cycle of abuse. My mission was to ensure that victims and survivors understand that they are never alone. 

On a grand scale of things, there is a global community effort dedicated to sharing our victories, advocating for us, and working together to end this epidemic. The vision of the Still Standing Alliance will always be to continue to make a difference in the lives of Domestic Violence victims, and with your on-going support, the improvements will continuously flow.

I want to thank our supporters for making our mission and vision possible. Your commitment to helping victims of Domestic Violence through donations and volunteering, in yours, and other communities, is sincerely appreciated. 

Each year, The Still Standing Alliance continues to bring awareness, advocate and work towards preventing Domestic Violence in our community through our empowerment programs, workshops, and trainings. Because of these efforts, we have seen many lives changed for the better. Together, we can fulfill our mission and vision for Domestic Violence victims, survivors, and their families across the world.

With Love and Gratitude,

Tamiko Lowry-Pugh